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Dr. Beenish Abbas

Head of Department (Paedriatic Dentistry)

Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty and is distinguished by the art of behavior guidance. Our goal is the delivery of quality, safe dental care in an environment that is as pleasant as possible for children and promotes a positive attitude toward oral health and future dental care.
In Pakistan Pediatric dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that provides preventive and therapeutic oral health care for children. It also involves management of oro-facial conditions related to systemic diseases and developmental disabilities. According to a pathfinder survey conducted- by World Health Organization, dental caries is the single most common chronic childhood disease in Pakistan, along with high prevalence of dental fluorosis (63.6%) among children. Efforts in dissemination and communication about commonly encountered dental problems in children such as caries and dental fluorosis are also a priority of the Pediatric Dentist.

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