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Dr. Batool Zara

Head of Department (Periodontology)

Assalam Alaikum. My name is Dr. Batool Zara and I am the Head of the Periodontology department.  Although it is an old specialty, we have recently gained recognition in Pakistan as a major field as well.  We deal with the diseases of the gums which occur among people due to lack or poor brushing techniques.  Often times, our patients come to us complaining of bleeding gums, bad smell, or moving teeth.  Although brushing constitutes an important part of your routine, sometimes it is not enough.  A periodontologist offers you deep cleaning of the gum to remove the tartar which crawls within the gums and help them to regain their strength.  With age and age related conditions such as diabetes, gums have a tendency to leave their original position as well.  We can offer you solutions to longer lasting happy healthy strong teeth.  Do visit my team and myself at our department, at least once a year for a full check- up.

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